We recognize that each child has unique God-given strengths and abilities.

Our challenge as educators is not only to help children discover those abilities, but to foster their growth. The Diocese of Albany Catholic Schools holds a distinctive view that learning achieves its true value in service to others. This is integral to defining Higher powered learning.

Your investment in your children, sharing wisdom, integrity and accountability, is preserved and nurtured by the Diocese of Albany Catholic Schools with a learning environment aimed at recognizing and promoting each child’s talents. We help them to realize and build on their best qualities as they face the challenges of the world.

Enrollment in one of our schools ensures your child will find inspiration and motivation in their environment. More than 94 percent of students graduate with a Regents diploma and the same amount go on to higher education. The latest technologies, teachers profoundly dedicated to their calling as educators, and the power of a community sharing moral, intellectual, and spiritual values are all right at your child’s fingertips.

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Higher Powered Education?

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