Charter for the Protection of Children and Young People

The Charter for the Protection of Children and Young People, adopted by the U.S. Bishops the in June 2002, provides the Church’s response to the problem of child sexual abuse and offers a concrete prevention plan. It outlines resources and tactics aimed at preventing misconduct, such as safe environment training for all parish and school personnel, as well as any volunteers who have regular contact with children and young people. 

Others Charter initiatives include:

  • Safe Environment Training for Children and Youth, which empowers children by teaching internet safety awareness and personal safety skills to help avoid dangerous and abusive situations.
  • Background Checks and Screening, which requires all applicants to the priesthood and permanent diaconate to participate in comprehensive psychological screening and background evaluations to assess their fitness for the ministry and their fitness to work with minors.
  • Diocese of Albany Catholic Schools Child Sexual Abuse Prevention Policies, which includes rigorous policies and procedures to provide a safe environment for all children and youth in our parishes and schools.

The Diocese of Albany is concerned for the well being of those who have suffered abuse. The Diocese makes every effort to respond in a fair and compassionate manner to those harmed, helping them to take steps toward healing.

Call our Assistance Coordinator at (518) 453-6646 to report misconduct by a priest, deacon, or other person working or volunteering for the Diocese of Albany; access counseling assistance and tell your story in a supportive environment; report abuse by a member of a religious community and receive assistance connecting with the appropriate religious community; or report abuses suffered in another diocese and receive assistance in connecting with the appropriate persons in that diocese.

Sexual Abuse of Minors

Children are our most valuable and vulnerable resource. Child sexual abuse is a tragic reality that has occurred in trusted institutions like the church, schools and society at large. We as the “People of God” are called to work together to stop all forms of sexual abuse wherever they occur.

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