Our Vision:

We envision school communities imbued with Catholic values that inspire personal growth and social justice, recognize and nurture the spirituality of each individual, and provide a safe and loving environment.

Our Values:

Catholic education provides children with an education that cannot be matched, one that can unlock the power of Christ in each child and provide them with a values-based education that will forever transform them.

Student Centered – Educating the Whole Child: Our schools instill intellectual, spiritual, moral, and social values in our students – educating the whole child – mind, body, and spirit. 

Collaborative Leadership & Governance: We leverage opportunities to share resources and collaborate in order to provide the best education for all children in the Diocese of Albany. 

Accessible to Every Child: We strive to ensure that every child regardless of faith or circumstance has the ability to benefit from a Catholic education.

Caring & Committed Educators: We value a team of educators who are committed to creating a caring and nurturing environment to help young people achieve their full potential.

Our Beliefs:

We believe that Catholic Schools, with the involvement and support of parents and guardians, teach each student to live the values of Jesus Christ and to respect the teachings and tradition of the Catholic Church.

We believe that Catholic Schools are places where students from a variety of cultural and ethnic backgrounds receive a quality education in an atmosphere conducive to learning and moral development.

We believe that Catholic Schools provide an environment in which our students develop character and deepen their sense of respect and responsibility.

We believe that Catholic Schools provide a nurturing and caring environment in which each student is encouraged to develop and share his or her talents and abilities.

We believe that Catholic School teachers and staff are caring and committed women and men enthusiastic about young people and eager to help them achieve their potential.

We believe that Catholic Schools, by reaching out to and collaborating with local and parish communities, are visible signs of the love of God and the mission of the Church.

Our Mission Statement:

As disciples of Jesus Christ, Lord and Teacher, we at the Catholic School Office provide leadership and guidance, give direction and assistance, and offer support and advice to all members of our diocesan school communities to ensure a future, faithful Church.

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