The Higher Powered Learning Grant


The Higher Powered Learning grant program was established
in 2013 to fund innovative programs at the school level.
Authorized by the Diocesan School Board, this program has
assisted in enhancing technology integration and creative
programs at all levels of Catholic education. Higher Powered
Learning Grants are designed to enhance the current school
program where funding is limited or non-existent.


Fidelis Care


Fidelis Care, the New York State Catholic Health Organization,
has awarded the Diocese of Albany Catholic Schools
multiple grants since the inception of the Covenant to Educate.
Fidelis Care has provided grant opportunities that enrich
the lives of our students through the RULER Approach
to Social and Emotional Learning, supported by the Yale
Center for Emotional Intelligence. Academic excellence can
occur in a classroom climate that is supportive, caring, and
welcoming. The grant through Fidelis Care will financially
support the training and resources needed to have all Diocesan
educators trained in RULER and classroom teachers will
launch the program in each of our classrooms.