Siena College 

Siena College ensures that Bishop Howard Hubbard’s dedication to
Catholic education will carry on through future generations of students.
The College announced the launch of the Bishop Howard J. Hubbard
Scholarship in November 2013. A $3,000 annual scholarship is
 awarded to students who gain admission to Siena College from the
Catholic high schools within the Diocese of Albany


Maria College

Maria College’s Bishop Hubbard Service Scholarship Award recognizes
a diocesan high school graduate, who has been accepted into a Maria
College four-year degree program. This student demonstrates a passion
for helping others, while maintaining a high level of academic achievement.

“The shared Catholic faith based missions of our two institutions also lays
 a rich foundation for students to pursue careers where they can give back
 and help others in need. Our collaboration is a commitment to empowering
 students through education and preparing students for meaningful work and life.”

-Thomas GamblePresident, Maria College


 The College of Saint Rose

The College of Saint Rose and Bishop Maginn High School share a formal
 partnership and understanding on behalf of graduating seniors for expedited
admission into the College. The cooperative effort between The College of
Saint Rose and Bishop Maginn has been reaffirmed through December 2018.
We share a common heritage of Catholic foundation and faithfulness to the
traditions of educating the whole person, intellectually and spiritually

The Partnership Committee has been building the foundation for creating
 sustainable partnerships with local colleges, businesses and community
 The committee is comprised of local college, business and
 community leaders dedicated to enacting the strategies 
outlined in the Covenant to Educate section. The committee has identified
 and outlined strategies with local colleges, which include professional
 development resources for Catholic School faculty, online enrichment
programs, online high school elective programs, and after school
enrichment programs. Partnerships with the business community that focus
 on an increased awareness of Catholic School graduates are also being explored.



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