Siena College 

Siena College ensures that the Diocese of Albany's dedication to
Catholic education will carry on through future generations of students.
Each year, a $3,000 annual scholarship is awarded to students who gain admission to Siena College from one of the Catholic high schools within the Diocese of Albany


Maria College

Maria College has created a special scholarship award to recognize a diocesan high school graduate who has been accepted into a Maria College four-year degree program. This student demonstrates a passion for helping others, while maintaining a high level of academic achievement.


 The College of Saint Rose

The College of Saint Rose shares with the Diocese of Albany Catholic Schools a faithfulness to the traditions of educating the whole person, intellectually and spiritually. The college has long partnered with our diocesan high schools, allowing us to provide college-level classes to our students.

Curriculum Associations — i-Ready

As of January 2022, all schools began using i-Ready to assess and provide individualized instruction in both reading and math grades K-8.


All of our high schools use Naviance as a dashboard for college applications, admissions, essays, letters of recommendations, etc.


All 19 schools use FACTS for tuition management, grant and aid determination as well as the student information system.

Savvas Realize

A longtime partner (previously Pearson publishing), many schools use their textbooks both in print and online.

Riverside Insights

We have partnered with Riverside to administer the Iowa Test of Basic Skills and Cognitive Achievement Tests for more than 10 years. Students in grades 3-8 take these tests in the fall each year.

Educational Vistas

Several years ago, we went with this vendor to score all of the New York State assessments: Grades 3-8 ELA and Math; Grades 4 and 8 Science; and all Regents examinations. It has streamlined the process immensely and provided consistency in the scoring.


This is a new partnership, engaged by the Albany Diocesan School Board, to provide professional development in Science, Technology, Religion, Engineering, the Arts, and Math- STREAM to encourage teachers and students to think innovatively and solutions oriented.

Partnership Committee

The Diocese of Albany Catholic Schools Partnership Committee has been building the foundation for creating sustainable partnerships with local colleges, businesses and community organizations. The committee is comprised of local college, business and community leaders dedicated to enacting the strategies outlined in the Covenant to Educate section.

The committee has identified and outlined strategies with local colleges, which include professional development resources for Catholic school faculty, online enrichment programs, online high school elective programs, and after-school enrichment programs. Partnerships with the business community that focus on an increased awareness of Catholic school graduates are also being explored.

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