Higher powered learning.

Watch our video to see it in action.

We recognize that each child has unique God-given strengths and abilities. Our challenge as educators is not only to help children discover those abilities, but to foster their growth. The Diocese of Albany Catholic Schools holds a distinctive view that learning achieves its true value in service to others. This is integral to defining Higher powered learning.

Your investment in your children, sharing wisdom, integrity and accountability, is preserved and nurtured by the Diocese of Albany Catholic Schools with a learning environment aimed at recognizing and promoting each child’s talents. We help them to realize and build on their best qualities as they face the challenges of the world.

Enrollment in one of our schools ensures your child will find inspiration and motivation in their environment. More than 94 percent of students graduate with a Regents diploma and the same amount go on to higher education. The latest technologies, teachers profoundly dedicated to their calling as educators, and the power of a community sharing moral, intellectual, and spiritual values are all right at your child’s fingertips.


For all the things your child is. And can be. Pure potential is the most exciting and sacred of all things. We strongly value and nurture growth, the curiosity of unrevealed talent, and creativity. We set out to amplify the possibilities for success, faith, and service. In the Diocese of Albany Catholic Schools, we see your elementary student as a marvelous gift to be treasured and nurtured.

Middle School

A program designed to create wider eyes and deeper souls. That moment of discovery, when inside and out you feel things coming together, finding your strengths and learning how to utilize and develop them—it’s our objective to incite this moment. In the Diocese of Albany Catholic Schools, those are the moments we guide your middle school student toward. We help them find interest, passion, and a hunger for success they didn’t even know they had. It’s through educational environments like this that lives of achievement, service, and faith are born.

High School

Preparation for a life well lived. In a competitive world, how can you preserve honor, integrity, optimism, and faith? This is our goal at the Diocese of Albany Catholic Schools. In our high schools, we create a challenging yet supportive atmosphere of high academic achievement, where your children receive the very best preparation for higher education and beyond. Your high school student will grow to have the confidence and knowledge for a life that is not just satisfying to themselves, but is beneficial to others. Life is a journey. Help them start, and finish, strong.

Financial Support

Financial aid is available for many students, based on financial need. To find out more about financial aid opportunities and qualifications, contact us.

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